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Orange POM Boundary Lubricating Bearings , Marginal Self Lubricating Bearing Materials SF-2

Categories POM Boundary Lubricating Bearings
Brand Name: TOB POM Boundary Lubricating Bearings
Certification: ISO 16949
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: negotiated
Price: negotiated
Payment Terms: T/T
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Packaging Details: Cartons and Pallets
Material: Low-Carbon Steel + Porous Bronze + Orange POM
Types: Wrapped bushes, Thrust washer
Application: Vehicle chassis, forming machine tools, steel metallurgical machinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry and rolling steel industry, etc.
Roughness: Ra=0.4~1.25
Working Temperature: -40~+120℃
Heat-conducting Coefficient: 52 W/(m*k)
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Orange POM Boundary Lubricating Bearings , Marginal Self Lubricating Bearing Materials SF-2

Orange POM Boundary Lubricating Bearings , Marginal-Lubrication Bearing SF-2


SF-2 is triple-layer self-lubricating material that can fill modified POM plastic as surface layer

1.Part name: SF-2X BUSHING
2.Material:Steel backing + Sintered bronze + PTFE
3.Appearance:Tin or Copper plated

Boundary Lubrication Bushing SF-2X is composed of three layers: steel backing, sintered bronze
layer and modified POM layer. It fits well for low speed, high load ,
normal temperature occasions with rotational ,oscillating or frequent
stop-start motion. It can works long time under boundary lubrication circumstances, if oil or grease is added, its working life can be prolonged further.

This kind of bushing can be applied in auto chassis, forging machine, metallurgical machine, civil engineering, power station, strip rolling industry etc.

Main products

Products application :

1. Hydraulic pneumatic industry

Gear wheel pump shaft sleeve, Hydraulic cylinder guide bushing and protection bushing.

2. Forging machine industry

Frame type hydraulic press slide, open press (punching machine) slide, big gear bushing and conveying mechanism.

3. The plastic machinery industry

Plastic injection machine slides, ejecting seat sliding bush, sliding sleeve and automatic discharge mechanism.

4. The lifting handling machinery

Manual hydraulic carrier, hydraulic lifting platform, crane traveling mechanism, forklift, pulley (gourd) elevator, parking equipment, stage equipment.

5. Port machinery

Hoist, hoist braking mechanism, container lifting locks (jig, spreader, spader).

6. Office fitness equipment

The sliding and rotating area for assembling fitting equipment such as swivel chair adjusting mechanism, running machine, rowing machine.

7. Textile machinery

Worsted spinning machine, twisting machine, carding machine, weaving machine, dobby, warp knitting machine, punching machine, pasting machine, spinning machine,.

8. Food packaging and filling machinery;

Biscuits, bread baking, oven (furnace) door hinge bushing, chain joint sleeve, automatic filling food (fast food) package and mechanical seal, incision, feeding transmission mechanism for filling machinery.

9. Chemical machinery

Chemical material transmission pump (centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, gear pump, axial flow pump, pipeline pump, etc.), the reaction kettle stirring agency’s positioning sleeves.

10. Printing packaging, paper making machinery

All kinds of printing machine output parts sleeve, flat hot stamping pressure creasing machine transmission shaft sleeve, paper making machinery drying line roller shaft sleeve, winding machine, paper cutter, press sleeve.

11. Automobile, railway vehicle, ship building industry

Shock absorber guide sleeve& piston, car door hinge, engine hood, deck lid hinge bushing, steering axle housing, power steering gear pump shaft sleeve, the steering wheel on the bottom shaft sleeve(collar pouring rubber), clutch lever arm pivot cover, brake linkage bushing, suspension arm joints (shock absorber) shaft sleeve, EFI pump shaft sleeve, and throttle control linkage bushing, parking institution, seat regulator, brake and clutch pedal shaft sleeve (flange shaft sleeve), gasoline carburetor dish stem bushing, steering rack rail part, high-power starting motor shaft sleeve, air brake truck air compressor rod bushing and bearing, railway vehicle balance arm and the head connecting mechanism, shake cushion mechanism, automatic door switch gear, Marine steering gear, steering linkage group), hatch cover and block and tackle collar, machinery, auto production assembly line, automobile paint device, auto maintenance equipment.

12. Agricultural machinery

Combine harvester, rice trans planter, the planter and cultivator, drying machine, tea processing machine, etc.

13. Construction machinery

Crawler movement machine pulley, cement mixer, concrete pump, hoist brake mechanism.

14. Metallurgy. Casting machinery

Caster roll (SF-1B assembly part), casting mould automatic forming machine and the machinery.

15. The environmental protection machinery

Garbage collection and processing machinery.

16. Wood working machinery

Three-ply board pressing machine, planing machine, gluing machine, flower machine, band sawing machine, bending machine.

17. Home appliance, furniture

Vortex type air conditioning compressor up and down shaft sleeve and fax machine JF800 thrust washers (electroplating ternary-alloy), copier paper mechanism, camera, printer, vacuum cleaners, electric oven door hinge, dishwasher.

18. Robots

Automation machinery and equipment (scale, swing, slide, bend, turn etc.).

19. Machine

Lathe, grinder, milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, transferring machine (automatic feed institutions).

20. General industrial machinery and equipment

Reducer,continuously variable transmission, wire machine, cable production machinery, gravimetric analysis device, heat treatment furnace, drying machinery, medical machinery, valves and its driving mechanism, the reservoir water gate, bowling machinery, pharmaceutical machinery

Technical Data
Max. LoadStatic250N/mm2
PV limitDry2.8N/mm2. m/s
Oil22N/mm2. m/s
Temp. limit-40 ~ +130° C
Friction Coeff.0.05 ~ 0.25μ
Speed limit0.25m/s
Thermal conductivity2.03Kcal/M. br. c
Coeff. Of linear expansion51— 10-6per° C
Initial pre-lubrication at assembly required

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