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3G SDI CWDM SFP Optical Transceiver Module Digital Video Fiber Optic Lc Connector

Categories SFP Optical Transceiver Module
Brand Name: E-link China
Model Number: LNK-CSFP-3Gxx-40
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
MOQ: 1 piece
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000000000pcs/Month
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Packaging Details: 10 piece in 1 carton box
Wavelength: 1270~1610nm
Type: CWDM
Fiber: Single Mode 40km
Connector: Duplex LC
Low power dissipation: <1.5W typically
temperature: -40°C to 85°C/-5°C
Price: Negotiation
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3G SDI CWDM SFP Optical Transceiver Module Digital Video Fiber Optic Lc Connector

3G-SDI CWDM 1270~1610nm 40km Digital Video SFP Optical Transceiver Module


  • Up to 3.3Gb/s Data Links
  • Hot-Pluggable

Duplex LC connector

  • Up to 40km on 9/125μm SMF

CWDM DFB laser transmitter

  • Single +3.3V Power Supply
  • Monitoring Interface Compliant with
  • SFF-8472
  • Low power dissipation <1.5W typically
  • Industrial /Extended/ Commercial operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C/-5°C to 85°C/-0°C to 70°C Version available
  • RoHS compliant and Lead Free


  • SONET OC-48 / SDH STM -16
  • SONET OC-12 / SDH STM -4
  • SONET OC-3 / SDH STM -1
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1x/2xFibre Channel
  • ATM


E-link’s Transceivers are a high performance, cost effective module which have a duplex LC optics interface. They are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) and Digital diagnostics functions are available via the 2-wire serial bus specified in SFF-8472. The receiver section uses a PIN receiver and the transmitter uses a CWDM DFB laser, up to 16dB link budge ensure this module SONET OC-48 / SDH STM -16 40km application.

  • Absolute Maximum Ratings
Storage TemperatureTS-40+85°C
Supply VoltageVCC-0.54V
Relative HumidityRH085%

  • Recommended Operating Environment:
Case operating TemperatureIndustrialTC-40+85°C
Supply VoltageVCC3.1353.465V
Supply CurrentIcc450mA
Inrush CurrentIsurgeIcc+30mA
Maximum PowerPmax1.5W

  • Electrical Characteristics (TOP = 0 to 70°C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)
Transmitter Section:
Input differential impedanceRin90100110
Single ended data input swingVin PP2501200mVp-p
Transmit Disable VoltageVDVcc – 1.3VccV2
Transmit Enable VoltageVENVeeVee+ 0.8V
Transmit Disable Assert TimeTdessert10us
Receiver Section:
Single ended data output swingVout,pp300800mv3
LOS FaultVlosfaultVcc – 0.5VCC_hostV5
LOS NormalVlos normVeeVee+0.5V5
Power Supply RejectionPSR100mVpp6


  1. AC coupled.
  2. Or open circuit.
  3. Into 100 ohm differential termination.
  4. 20 – 80 %
  5. LOS is LVTTL. Logic 0 indicates normal operation; logic 1 indicates no signal detected.
  6. All transceiver specifications are compliant with a power supply sinusoidal modulation of 20 Hz to 1.5MHz up to specified value applied through the power supply filtering network shown on page 23 of the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Transceiver Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), September 14, 2000.

  • Optical Characteristics (TOP = 0 to 70°C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)
Transmitter Section:
Center Wavelengthλcλc -7.5lλc +7.5nm
Spectral Width(RMS)σRMS1nm
Optical Output PowerPout-2+3dBm1
Extinction RatioER6dB
Optical Rise/Fall Timetr / tf260ps2
Relative Intensity NoiseRIN-120dB/Hz

Total Generated Transmitter Jitter

(peak to peak)


Total Generated Transmitter Jitter


Output Eye MaskCompliant with eye mask Telcordia GR-253-GORE
Receiver Section:
Optical Input Wavelengthλc12701610nm
RX Sensitivity @ OC-48/STM-16Sen1-16dBm3
RX Sensitivity @ 2xFibre channelSen2-16.5dBm4
RX Sensitivity @ Gigabit EthernetSen3-16.5dBm4
RX Sensitivity @ OC-12/STM-4Sen4-16dBm5
RX Sensitivity @ OC-4/STM-1Sen5-16dBm5
RX_LOS AssertLOS A-35dBm
RX_LOS De-assertLOS D-17dBm
RX_LOS HysteresisLOS H0.5dB
General Specifications:
Data RateBR1553300Mb/s
Bit Error RateBER10-12
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF @ OC-48/STM-16LMAX140km
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF @ 2xFibre channelLMAX245km
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF @ Gigabit EthernetLMAX345km
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF @ OC-12/STM-4LMAX440km
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF @ OC-4/STM-1LMAX545km


  1. Compliant with FDA/CDRH and EN (IEC) 60825 regulations (Class 1 Laser Safety).
  2. 20-80%.
  3. Measured with PRBS 231-1 at 10-12 BER
  4. Measured with PRBS 27-1 at 10-12 BER
  5. Measured with PRBS 223-1 at 10-12 BER

Diagram of Host Board Connector Block Pin Numbers and Names

  • Pin Function Definitions
Pin NoNameFunctionPlug SeqNotes
1VeeTTransmitter Ground11
2TX FaultTransmitter Fault Indication3
3TX DisableTransmitter Disable32
4MOD-DEF2Module Definition23
5MOD-DEF1Module Definition 133
6MOD-DEF0Module Definition 033
7Rate SelectNot Connected34
8LOSLoss of Signal35
9VeeRReceiver Ground11
10VeeRReceiver Ground11
11VeeRReceiver Ground1
Quality 3G SDI CWDM SFP Optical Transceiver Module Digital Video Fiber Optic Lc Connector for sale
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